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Herbal Consultation

    During your consultation at one of our clinics in Chicago area, our herbalist will check your health condition through a method designed to utilize the best techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There will be a thorough visual inspection and auscultation, followed by a palpating (pulse & skin) period. Our herbalist will ask you a few brief questions. According to your health condition, the herbalist will provide you with helpful health suggestions. Treatment options may vary. Your herbalist might suggest a course of treatment using Chinese herbal medicine. Alternatively, the herbalist might suggest acupuncture or Tuina therapy to improve your health condition. Please note that while our herbalists cannot diagnose health problems, any medical examination results from you have had from your medical doctor will be helpful. Please discuss these diagnoses thoroughly when describing your health condition during the consultation, whether you visit either our acupuncturist in Westmont or downtown Chicago.


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