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Make an appointment
- Please call our TCM/acupuncture clinic in Westmont to make an appointment with a practitioner.

Westmont office
Tel: 331-251-8180
Tel: 312-690-9666
665 Pasquinelli, Ste 203
Westmont, IL 60559

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Mon to Fri:
Sunday by appointment only

Consultation Form (For first time patients only)

   Once all of your questions and concerns about Traditional Chinese Medicine have been addressed, be sure to call and schedule an appointment for further consultation. After you call and make an appointment, please complete and submit this online form at least 2 business days before your appointment with your Chinese herbalist or acupuncturist in Westmont or Chicago.
If it is less than 2 business days to your appointment, you can download our Consultation Form (You will need Acrobat Reader to view or print this form in Portable Document Format (PDF). PostScript files (.ps) may be printed by copying them to a PostScript-capable printer). Fill it out and bring it to the office when you come for your first visit for acupuncture in Westmont, IL or any other location, or mail or fax the form to us.
For first time phone consultation patients, please also print and sign these 2 forms: HOLICARE - Patient Consent Form and HIPAA Compliance Patient Consent Form
For mail or fax information, please check Contact Us.

Consultation Form (All * fields are required)

Appointment With:* (First time consultation fee:$120.00) 

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   Below, describe all of your complaints, how long you have had them and how you are treating them. Be sure to mention any drugs, vitamin supplements. or other medicinal substances you are taking.
Complaint 1: How long? Treatment/Medication
Complaint2 : How long? Treatment/Medication
Complaint3 : How long? Treatment/Medication
Complaint4 : How long? Treatment/Medication
Complaint5 : How long? Treatment/Medication

Brief Health History: (list major diseases, surgeries, ect.)

  How many times per year do you get a cold or the flu?

Family Medical History:

What other medication and/or supplements are you taking? And for how long?

 Emotions:   Normal   Problem
  depression   sadness   panic attack   sensitive
  worries   overly excited   angry   anxiety

 Energy:   Normal   Problem
    low   up & down   exhausted
    hyperactive   nervous energy   abundant

 Sleep Pattern:   Normal   Insomnia
  Falling asleep:   sometimes
       very difficult
  sleepy in
    always difficult   always
       very difficult
  take naps
  Waking up:   times per night   wake up too early
    wake up at night and cannot go back to sleep again
 Sleep Quality:   Deep   Light   Bad
    many dreams   bad dreams   grinding teeth
    talking in sleep   other

 Diet: Any special diet?
Food cravings:   Sugar   Salt   Food allergies

 Temperature:   Normal   Abnormal
    feel cold easily   cold hands   cold feet
    feel hot easily   alternating hot & cold
    hot flash   sensitive to weather changes

 Sweating:   Normal   Abnormal
    too easily   too much   difficult
    too little   night sweats   other

 Sensitivity and Allergy:   Yes   No
  cold   hot   dampness   light

  noise   airborn
  food   durgs

 Appetite and Digestion:   Normal   Abnormal
  poor appetite   nausea   anorexia
  hungry, but
    no desire to eat
  bloating   gas   other

 Bowel Movement:      Normal   Abnormal Time of day:
  constipation   diarrhea   loose   watery
  incomplete   hard and dry   strong smell   with mucous
  with blood   other    

 Body Weight:   Normal   Overweight   Underweight
  If overweight:  
    How many pounds would you like to lose?
    How many years ago did you first start to gain weight?
    Are you following a weight control program at this time?
  Yes No

 Drinking:   Normal   Abnormal
  thirsty   dry mouth   dry mouth but no desire to drink
  drink a lot   not thirsty, but drink a lot of water anyway

 Urination:   Normal   Abnormal
  frequent   urgent   burning   painful
  cloudy   dark color   foul smell   bloody
  difficult   retention   other
  Number of times per day:  Number of times per night:

 Eye, Ear, and Nose:   Normal   Abnormal

 Sex Function:   Normal   Abnormal

 Menstrual Cycle:   Regular    Irregular
  Age of onset:  Date of last period: (mm/dd/yy)
  Days per cycle:  Days it lasts:
  Color: pale red   dark red   bright red   purplish
  Were there clot?        Yes   No
 Menstrual Pain:         Yes   No
    before flow   during flow   after flow
    abdomen   back   breast
 Emotion around period:       Normal       Abnormal
    before flow   during flow   after flow
    depression   irritability   anger
    sadness   crying   other

Tobacco   Alcohol   Others
 Any other disorders or abnormalities:


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